“FSS is simply amazing! It will teach your kids the core soccer skill ignored by schools and kids teams – ball control. The techniques are taught in a fun way that makes learning really easy for the kids. Finley and I have been going to FSS for a year now and he has come on leaps and bounds – at 5 years old he can now dribble with both feet, trap the ball, do drag backs and of course score goals! Its all thanks to the structure and his coach, Miley. Its a great activity for father and son time (i enjoy it as much as he does) and the friendly atmosphere is great. I love it so much that my daughter, Ruby, will start classes in January! Give FSS a try, you wont be disappointed!”

Jamie McAllister-

“My 7 year old son has recently stopped attending the classes run by Mark and the lads at First Steps Soccer after 5 happy years, and is now playing club football and training with Bristol City Academy.
We found the classes well organised, fun, fast moving, and full of sound football ideas.
The progression of the sessions over time is clever; we started with Reubz when he was 2, at which stage there is parental involvement, plenty of running round for an energetic child, and drills and activities involving skittles and beanbags to promote balance and agility, as well as dome and ball work to instil the basics of dribbling and ball control.
By the time the player starts school, parents can take a back seat and watch. Sessions by this point involve innovative drills that concentrate on ball work, teaching moves to beat players, controlling and passing with different parts of the feet, and introducing the child to small sided game play, and game play situations.
We loved the classes, and as a Professional Footballer with over 500 appearances, I would thoroughly recommend First Steps Soccer to any parent that wants their child to learn to play football properly.

The young Coaches are great; supportive, enthusiastic, and good fun, and the sessions well planned, imaginative, and of consistently high quality.
They are currently offering 2 free trials for new customers, so give them a go.

I’m sure you and your child will love the classes as much as we did.”

LS, Portishead-

“I would like to thank you for the coaching Joe has had since joining First Steps Soccer. Zach who coaches the Sunday session at Portishead is so great, a really top coach. Joe played in a little football match about 3 months ago an there was a scout from Cardiff City. Joe has been training twice a week with Cardiff since. He is getting on really well. It is thanks to your coaching and direction that Joe was spotted and given an opportunity. The only coaching Joe has ever had is with yourselves, so all credit to you.”

JP, Portishead-

“My son is now almost 6 years old and has been going to First Steps Soccer since he was 18 months which he has thoroughly enjoyed! The classes are extremely well run and provide the kids with excellent coaching within a disciplined but also really fun environment. I would highly recommend FSS to any parent.”

DG, Bishopston-

“My son has attended First Steps Soccer run by Mark and his team for the last 5 years. These sessions have been of real benefit to my son who now plays for his local club and is completely in love with football. The lessons have always been well run and varied to keep things interesting for the boys. It has been a real pleasure to watch my son and the other children develop at such a fast pace and I would recommend First Steps Soccer classes to any parent”.

JL, Bishopston-

“With two year old twins the thought of being able to get them involved in a fun enjoyable football class was somewhat a challenge. That was until I was introduced to Mark and his incredibly enthusiastic team of coaches. Back in 2007 Mark was just starting up running sessions in Bishopston and I enrolled my twin boys and myself! Yes it is very hands on in the early years with Mums and Dads alike practicing a side foot pass! However this became a very rewarding part of marks set up as it did allow me to bond very closely with my boys at an early age. My lads continued to attend Marks classes for a further 6 years and I believe that the touches and skills that they now show on a pitch today are all a product of their time using small, heavier ball and simply learning basic techniques, very well. It’s interesting to see that all of the strategies that are coming out of the ‘FA grass roots-future of the game’ today (smaller balls, less competitive matches, lots of touches of the ball, emphasis on skill) have always been part of Marks philosophy. I would recommend Mark, Joe and the rest of the team to anybody looking to get additional ball work coaching to support club football or indeed to those looking for fun and enjoyment in a non competitive environment. Mark always allows the children to develop at their own pace and classifies the boys and girls accordingly, so whether your son is just starting out or already being scouted there would be a fit for First steps soccer.

RL, Bishopston-

“As Alex is nearing the end of Year 3 now, I guess it’s time for him to leave First Steps, so I’m giving you notice now that I’ll finish him at the end of this term in mid-July. Thanks so much for all the wonderful coaching you and all your coaches have given him. All very much appreciated and he has learnt so so much. You do a really fantastic job and I would definitely recommend you to anyone!”


“ “F” has got so much out of attending the sessions. I think it has helped his confidence enormously. The classes are about much more than just football. I think Joe is excellent with the children and he has played a big part in bringing “F” out of his shell in classes”

Doctor TL , Bishopston

“I want to thank you for everything you have done for ‘M’ in the past couple of years through FSS. The emphasis on skills has been fantastic because it has given him a solid technique. For a child who is not naturally coordinated, this skills reinforcement has enabled him to keep up with, and even exceed, his more naturally talented peers at school, and he has gained confidence in himself as a result. So many people have commented to us that he has turned into quite a good little football player. This is really all down to you and your team. He also understands the importance of practice and sees so clearly now how it takes a number of small steps to achieve bigger aims, which is a lifelong skill you have helped him appreciate early on.”

M.N. B Stoke

“FSS provides a great footballing foundation in a fun environment. My son has just stopped attending the classes after 5 very happy years and is now playing club football and training with Bristol City Academy in large part thanks to the FSS coaching and direction from Mark and the team. The classes are very well thought through with a mix of movement drills, ball skills and small games all in a fun environment with enthusiastic and imaginative young coaches. Fantastic – give it a go!”

A.N. Bradley Stoke

“Our two sons have both attended classes over the last 5 years and have really enjoyed them as well as learning and developing some great footbal skills. The lessons have given them the basics, and more, and helped them to really enjoy the game. Thanks to Mark and his team.”

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