The unique First Steps Soccer syllabus aims to create players who are comfortable on the ball, and confident and adventurous in the way they use it.       Courses are lead by one of our team of experienced Coaches, from a unique syllabus developed by Mark and Joe Wenham.All F S S Lead Coaches have a minimum of 5000 hours of coaching time with 2 to 10 year olds.There are 3 key parts to our system.

  • 1)Exercises specifically designed to improve agility, speed , balance and spatial awareness.
  • 2)Dome and ball work to increase feel, flexibility , and confidence with a football.
  • 3)From reception onwards , small sided gameplay to maximise the number of touches in any match situation, and tactical guidance from our coaches            on utilising space, moves to best players, and passing strategies.        ATTENDANCE CHARTS.
  • To support the above , and to encourage and reward our students , FSS issue each child with an attendance chart. Your child can bring this chart along to classes, and will receive a sticker as a reward for their attendance. For every 20 stickers awarded your child will receive a prize to acknowledge their achievement.Prizes range from medals and trophies through to a special commemorative kit.
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