The unique First Steps Soccer syllabus aims to create players who are comfortable on the ball, and confident and adventurous in the way they use it.

There are 4 key parts to our system

    Run by one of our team of experienced Coaches, from a unique syllabus developed by Mark and Joe Wenham.
    All F S S Lead Coaches have a minimum of 500 hours of coaching time with 2 to 9 year olds.
    Via the Members Area of the website, which compliment and support the lessons, and are numbered so that they correlate with our Skills Books.
  • A Skills Book
    For each child, appropriate to their age and ability.
    Each of the 8 books contains 30 key skills for your child to learn, and links in with the sessions, and the coaching video clips.
  • Stickers
    For your child to place in their Skills Book, once they have mastered a particular technique.
    These act as a reward for the child, and a nice permanent record of their achievement.

PARENTS NOTE:¬†Once your child has demonstrated to you that they have learned one of the skills in our books and videos, make a note of the drill number, and inform your coach at the next class. They will then affix a reward sticker into your child’s skills book to recognise their progress.

For full details of the tremendous value for money we offer, please visit ‘The F S S Package’