Q Will my child need shin pads?

A Not for our pre school sessions. We recommend that children wear shin pads for the game play part of our school age classes, but understand that finding pads that young children are happy to wear and comfortable in can be difficult, so leave this decision to our parents.

Q What happens if i cannot make a session? Do i get a refund?

A Our Venue and staff costs are fixed, so we cannot give refunds. However, if your child has a similarly aged friend or family member who would like to attend in your place, that is absolutely fine. Alternatively, if you text Mark on 07825994671, he will be happy to help you find an alternative session to make up for the one you have missed.

Q Is their any parental involvement in classes?

A Parents help and support their child in our pre school classes. School age classes are drop off sessions, but parents are always welcome to stay and watch.

Q What age children do you take?

A Children can join us at any time between their second and tenth birthdays.

Q My child has no experience of playing football. Is this a problem?

A Not at all. We are as happy coaching children with no football experience, as we are in working with Academy standard players.

Q Are sessions indoors or outdoors?

A Indoors. Pre school classes are held in medium sized community venues. School age classes are held in large Sports Halls. We will very occasionally train outside if a Sports Hall is unavailable, but will always give plenty of notice if this is the case. If this happens we will switch to an Astro.

Q How do I book my free trial?

A Simply text 07825994671 with your child’s name, date of birth, and the day(s) and venue (s) you are interested in, and we will text you back with availability, and any other information you might need.

Q What should my child wear to their trial class?

A For trials, comfortable footwear, and light sports clothing if possible. Please bring a drink.

Q How long do lessons last?

A Pre school classes are 40 minutes in duration. School age classes are 50 minutes long, depending on age.

Q How many lessons are there each year?

A There are 38-40 classes each year, with breaks that correspond with school term times.

Q How much do the classes cost?

We charge a monthly rate of £26.00 for one child, £47.00 for two children. There is a special rate of £44.00 for twins. If you already have two children attending our classes a third child can attend FREE.  This is over a 12 month period and can be cancelled at any time.

A Cost is £26.50 a month , payable by standing order. Cost for 2 children is £46.50 per month. In certain circumstances we offer a further reduction for twins. Text Mark for details.

Q I have noticed many other companies often have hidden extra costs; are there any extra payments I should be aware of ?

A We have no hidden costs at all.

A No. The 26.50 a month covers the cost of membership, insurance, lessons, one new F S S kit per year, access to coaching videos on the Members Area of the website, Skills Books and Stickers, and any medals awarded for effort and attainment.

 Q My child really enjoyed the trial classes. How do we go about joining properly?

A If you bank online, simply text us to say you would like to join. We will then send you the details you need.

Q How soon will my child receive their kit?

A Once we have received your first payment, we will aim to get your kit to your child within 2-4 weeks.

Q Do I stop my Direct Debit payments during holidays?

A No.The annual cost has been worked out, and divided into 12 equal monthly payments. This means that once the Direct Debit is set up, customers do not need to cancel and re start several times a year.

Q If we want to stop attending , what do we do?

A Simply send us an email giving us 1 months notice and we will then cancel your Direct Debit with your bank. F S S do not tie you in for minimum periods of attendance.